ATHOMES encourages all member companies to participate in shaping the direction of the Association as we move forward. Opportunities include volunteering on a committee, serving on the Board of Directors, and sharing ideas about what the Association should offer in programs, seminars, conferences, and more.

To volunteer, or offer suggestions, contact the Executive Director by e-mail: 

ATHOMES Committees

The Education Committee works in conjunction with the Executive Director to provide members with the most up-to-date information that will streamline and improve their daily business operations. New business opportunities, sales & marketing, compliance, billing, and regulatory issues continue to challenge us with ongoing requirements and changes. Collaboration among this committee allows us to research and retain industry leaders that will provide education through webinars, workshops, and conferences. This committee holds quarterly teleconferences plus an additional three planning sessions for the Annual Convention.

The Legislative Committee advocates HME issues to elected representatives at the state and federal level. It develops & implements grass-roots activities to promote homecare & HME and collaborates with outside HME associations on various projects. It helps prepare member companies for meetings with elected officials and leads in lobbying efforts. The Legislative Committee organizes the ATHOMES annual Day on the Hill in Nashville and helps the Association prepare for the annual Washington DC legislative conference by the American Association for Homecare. This committee holds a minimum of four teleconferences per year and often meets more frequently to address legislative developments.

The Membership Committee helps recruit new members and integrate them into the Association. It assists the Executive Director in developing collateral materials for recruitment and retainment of members. Through the annual survey, it seeks new ways and opportunities to better meet its members’ needs. It also coordinates with Partner Members and outside services to provide exclusive Member Discounts for ATHOMES members. This committee holds quarterly teleconferences throughout the year.

The Regulatory Committee works with various government agencies at the state and federal level on HME issues. It monitors and reviews rules and regulations that impact HME companies and beneficiaries, and the committee alerts membership accordingly. ATHOMES members and submit questions to the Committee to be presented during Region C meetings. Currently, two representative from the Regulatory Committee attend the Region C meetings on behalf of the Association. This committee holds quarterly teleconferences throughout the year.

The CRT Committee works on specific issues pertaining to Complex Rehabilitation Technology suppliers and the highly disabled population they serve that require individually configured and customized seating and positioning manual and power wheelchairs. It works in partnership with national trade associations NCART & AAHomecare to address CRT needs at a grassroots level.


The Association for Tennessee Home Oxygen & Medical Equipment Services (ATHOMES) is an active, member-driven trade association exclusively focused on serving the needs of all types of home medical equipment suppliers in Tennessee, the customers and family caregivers they serve, and homecare vendors who provide quality products and resources. 


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