URGENT Legislation Needs YOUR Grassroots Efforts! NOW! DEADLINE JULY 1st

We MUST act before the July 1st deadline to garner support for
HR 5210, the Patient Access to Durable Medical Equipment (PADME) Act, and S 2736 Patient Access to Durable Medical Equipment Act of 2016.

Read Bill Text Here:

HR 5210 

S 2736 

Please read these Issue briefs for each bill and share with your Member ASAP:

HR 5210 Issue Brief 

S 2736 Issue Brief 

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Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight

40 years ago, Bob Marley wrote the iconic song "Get Up Stand Up" as a rally to keep people fighting against oppression and for what they believe in.  In today's health care climate, the song feels just as relevant now as ever.  Don't get discouraged, don't give in, keep fighting for what you know to be true.

Competitive Bidding is bad for patients, bad for business, and bad for our economy as the long-term problems unfold.  Meanwhile, audits are drowning legitimate companies as over-zealous auditors bury suppliers in paperwork and unnecessary audit claims that take months of manpower and financial resources to overcome.  Congressman Blackburn's PA bill helps tackle the mounting audit issue by exempting claims approved through PA from being subject to audits except in cases of F&A.

ATHOMES works hard to protect your business and those you serve; join us as we fight the good fight by getting involved and talking to your elected representatives about the issues at hand.  Our Legislative and Regulatory Committees are aggressively tackling issues at the state and federal level, and we welcome you to get involved in our committee work.

C O M P E T I T I V E   B I D D I N G

Upcoming Legislation for the CB Nationwide Expansion, expected to be Introduced by Congressmen Price (R--GA) & potentially Senator Thune (R--SD)

  • This legislation will:
    • Apply a different payment methodology for those not currently subject to Competitive Bidding so that it will help account for the additional costs of serving non-urban and rural America.  It would be 30% above the Regional Single Payment Amount (RSPA).
    • Phase in the price adjustment over 4 years instead of the 6 months CMS plans to do it
    • Cap the future bid rounds at the current 2015 FFS schedule
  • Detailed summary of proposed legislation


HR 3229:To Amend Title XVII of SSA to Provide for the Non-Application of Medicare Competitive Acquisition Rates to Complex Rehabilitative Wheelchairs & Accessories, Introduced by Congressman Zeldin (R--NY)

  • This legislation will exclude Competitive Bidding pricing from being applied to CRT accessories.
  • Detailed statutory language
  • Both chambers have circulated sign-on letters regarding this issue:

HR1516 & S1013: Ensuring Access to Quality Complex Rehabilitation Technology Act of 2015, by Rep Sensenbrenner (R--WI) and Senator Cochran (D--NY)

  • This legislation creates a separate benefit program for CRT instead of it being in DMEPOS so that it may have adequate coding, coverage, and payment rules that are relative to the unique type of care that highly customized and personally configured CRT requires to meet the needs of the severely disabled.
  • Detailed summary of legislation

P R I O R   A U T H   F O R   H M E

HR 2437: To Amend Part B of Title XVIII of SSA Regarding High Cost DME & for Other Purposes, introduced by Rep Marsha Blackburn (R--TN)

  • This legislation creates a prior authorization program for HME that:
    • Accounts for same day delivery expectations for expedited emergency review for certain items (including O2),
    • Places priority on PA of items that are subject to a high number of contractor audits,
    • Ensures that stakeholders participate in the development of the process,
    • Exempt DMEPOS or supplies that have received PA approval from subsequent per- and pos-payment audits and only subject for systemic fraud & abuse.
  • Detailed summary of legislation

2 0 1 5   A D V O C A C Y   A W A R D   R E C I P I E N T S :
Recipients were nominated by ATHOMES members & selected by a 11-member panel of your peers for their exemplary service & dedication:

HME Advocate Award:
Ashley Plauche, ATHOMES & Lambert's Health Care

This award recognizes an ATHOMES member who has demonstrated passionate leadership, inspired others to get involved in HME advocacy efforts, and who has contributed to ATHOMES collective goals to advance homecare issues among legislators, regulators, third-party insurers, and/or the public.

Champion for Homecare Award:
Rep. Dr. Phil Roe

This award recognizes a community leader who is a champion for homecare issues and advocates for beneficiaries and HME suppliers
in Tennessee.

ATHOMES is proud to endorse Save My Medical Supplies, a consumer-based platform designed to educate the public about how Medicare reform mistakes are impacting people with serious medical needs.  All types of medical supplies are being negatively impacted by changing Medicare policies.  The Save My Medical Supplies campaign is aimed directly at consumers to build public awareness, and a public outcry, from the millions of people who are receiving care from the HME industry.

Help us spread the word about this great grassroots tool by sharing its information on your site and corporate communications.  Log in to the Members Only Section to access Save My Medical Supplies links, logos, and information.

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Please give this hotline number to anyone who has a complaint related to bidding. Help will be summoned for beneficiaries, with follow up.

Also give them this

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